sweet dreams ritual


Bathe in warm, lavender + jasmine infused minerals, then bring this soothing aroma to bed with a linen/room spray made to match. For peace-full evenings and the sweetest dreams. $70 value.


Begin in the bath, soaking up valuable trace and macro-minerals to support muscle relaxation, soft skin, and a rejuvenated spirit!

We blend dead sea salt (with its unique composition of essential minerals and low sodium content), epsom salt (for its high level of muscle relaxing magnesium), detoxifying sea salt, and moisturizing coconut oil with aromatic essential oils to warm and soothe tired muscles, support respiratory health, and boost your mood.

Our super salts will leave you re-mineralized, relaxed, restored, AND oh, so soft! It’s amazing what a simple bath can do!

Next, drift to bed and slip between dreamy sheets, accompanied by the sweet aroma of french and bulgarian lavenders, jasmine, vanilla, sweet orange, and clementine essential oils.

Aroma mists offer a welcome sense of beauty in the present moment. Mist yourself, your home, and other personal spaces to invite those essential, restorative, moments of pause to sense, breathe, and simply be!

Our wonderfully aromatic mists are made with generous amounts of pure essential oils from flowers, leaves and resins, and can be used practically anywhere to  transform your space AND your mood! Make sure to first test fine fabrics and surfaces for compatibility.

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Mineral Bathing Salts: Add 1/4 cup or more to your running bath. Breathe and soak in the beautiful aromatic waters for 15-45 minutes. Let everything go…. your to-do list will still be there, but by allowing space for stillness and presence in your body, you can emerge from the bath renewed, with a better ability to handle whatever comes. And when you're leaving your bath, visualize your stress and worries swirling down the drain with the water:)
Take extra care when leaving the bath as as the oils may make your tub a bit slippery.

Aroma Mist: Spray a light mist into the air or at an arm's distance when applying to skin, hair, bedding, or clothing so as to not overly wet the surface. Avoid wetting fine furniture. Add an intention so that whenever you smell that aroma, your intention is strengthened:)


Mineral Bathing Salts: Gratitude-infused dead sea salt, himalayan pink salt, sea salt, epsom salt, magnesium chloride, fractionated coconut oil, dendritic salt, love, and the highest intentions for your health + well being. Individual blends contain black lava salt, organic coconut milk, organic mustard powder, organic ginger powder, and essential oils. (Pure salts are unscented.)

Aroma Mist: Gratitude-infused distilled water, kosher vegetable glycerin, essential oils, sulfated castor oil (emulsifier), potassium sorbate (ECOcert food-grade preservative), love and the highest intentions for your health + well being.

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