yoga + meditation set

espiritu perfume | palo santo aroma mist | beeswax candle | rose quartz

yoga and meditation set essential oil natural perfume air-cleaning beeswax candle crystal


Ritual can be a wonderful support to deepen our practice over time, whether during meditation, yoga, or other forms of inner work. Using particular scents acts as an future anchor to call us back to this deep space when we re-experience the scent.

We’ve chosen our palo santo aroma mist and espiritu oil perfume for this set as they both arouse a sense of the sacred, support mental stillness, and offer a reminder of our deeper connection to spirit.

Also included in this set is a clean-burning beeswax candle that emits beneficial ions into the air as well as centers the mind for practice, and a rose quartz crystal, a symbol of self-love and compassion, that can be used to set an intention for a open and balanced heart.


The yoga + meditation set includes: .25 oz espiriti perfume, 2 oz palo santo aroma mist, one unscented/unbleached organic beeswax votive candle, and one rose quartz crystal.