the amazing rose hip!

Nutrient-rich rose hips form after the petals fall from the rose. They swell and are ready to pick when they turn the most gorgeous orange-red color.

The rose hip, of the rosaceae family, contain seeds chock-full of Vitamin C and A which scavenge free radicals and lengthen the life of cells!

The end of Summer is a perfect time to pick rose hips for drying so you can enjoy their wonder-full health and skin benefits for the months to come!

Medicinally, rose hips have been used in the treatment of colds, flu, infections, arthritis, diarrhea, and urinary tract disorders. In fact, a study published in 2007 found that those participants with rheumatoid arthritis who took the rose-hip remedy “LitoZin” improved their activity levels by 20–25 percent over those taking a placebo, with the number of joints causing pain falling by 40 percent.

I like infusing rose hips into a tea that I drink as well as pour into my bath:) Just pour near boiling water over the rose hips and let steep.

It’s color therapy, too:)


I love using rose hip infusions as well as the cold pressed seed and fruit oils in our bodycare products for its amazing skin benefits… as well as its beautiful orange-red color.
First, Rose hips contain a high concentration of Vitamin C which is crucial to collagen production. Getting enough vitamin C on your skin helps to preserve tissue integrity as well as fight free radical damage which can cause skin dryness, fine lines, and premature wrinkling. Vitamin C also helps your skin repair itself, smoothing scars and old wounds. Some research suggests that this vitamin may also reduce damage from UV rays. I like to spray my skin with Vitamin C water or infusion before going out in the sun:)

Rose hips are also high in Vitamin A, which is a key “graceful-aging” ingredient. Another powerful antioxidant, it protects the skin from free radical damage as well as accelerates the cell renewal process, supporting cell turnover to reveal fresher, smoother skin underneath. The faster the turnover rate, the less acne breakouts, sallow and sluggish skin and the greater the development of collagen and elastin to promote firmer, smoother skin.

Vitamin E is often added to rose hip seed oil to help prevent oxidation in skin-care formulations, and is another powerful antioxidant that protects skin and promotes the production of collagen and elastin. It also prevents water loss and helps skin retain its natural moisture.
Essential fatty acids: the skin’s ability to hold water decreases with age, as the cell membranes become less able to keep water in. Essential fatty acids keep the cells healthy and the membranes functioning properly, so skin stays plump and moist. These EFAs also help to dissolve the fatty deposits that block follicles and contribute to congested skin issues as well as help to repair old acne scars and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

In addition to all these wonder-full benefits, rose hip seed oil also has a reputation for helping to reduce scarring from surgery and burns because of its ability to encourage skin regeneration, and for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Age spots fade with regular use, and troublesome skin conditions gradually calm and smooth over.

If you want to try some natural products that contain the amazing rose hip, check out our nourishing body oils and glow antioxidant serums… actually most of our products have some rose hip oil in them:)

Have a beauty-full day,


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