cleanse + renew

Over the last several years, detox “cleanses” and protocols have become ubiquitous… there seems to be a cleanse for everything.

However, there remains the idea that detoxing should be performed only when dieting, for a particular organ, or as an annual or seasonal practice. While there are definitely benefits to many of these cleanses, the simple, everyday ways we can lessen the load of environmental pollutants are equally important.

The traditional, tried-and-true,  “detox” methods remain for good reason… they work! Clays, activated charcoal and zeolite continue to amaze me with their natural intelligence and adaptogen-like qualities. Used often, they’re able to adsorb, absorb, and neutralize toxins to lower the cumulative load on our bodies, especially when used often.

Detox can be a daily practice… using clays along with tongue cleaning, dry skin brushing, mineral salt soaks, skin exfoliation, exercise, hydration, and self massage will support your body in heightened health.