reduce, reuse, refill, recycle

When Sweet Sisters began in the early 2000s, we packaged our bath salts in empty kombucha bottles and labeled them with recycled paper towels! Almost twenty years later, our ethos hasn’t really changed. We still prioritize recyclable (and compostable) packaging — glass, paper, metal — and invite our customers to refill or reuse* their empty bottles and jars before sending them to the recycle.

Here’s how to request a refill:

1. Re-order the product online, selecting “local pick-up” (or your preferred shipping option), and noting “refill” in the order notes at checkout.

2. Clean your bottle + pump/jar + lid and leave the them in our customer box, or mail them to us at 2278 White Fir Place, Freeland, WA 98236. If you’re on the Island, you can also drop off empties at Bayview Farmers Market most Saturdays, April-October.

3. Enjoy your refill! If you selected local pick-up, we’ll email you when your refill is ready and you can choose the pick-up day/time that works best for you. If you selected a shipping option, we’ll have your refill on its way to you within a few days.

We want you to know that the reason we don’t offer refills at a discounted rate is that the labor cost of a refill outweighs the savings of reusing packaging. However, for the benefit of the planet, we’re happy to offer refills as a free service.

We also offer refill sizes (i.e., larger volumes for refilling smaller bottles) for several products, including:

Gel Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

Leave-In Conditioner

Mineral Bathing Salts

Mat Mist

Be Well

+ others available upon request!

You can also help reduce packaging waste by to reusing your pumps! When ordering a fresh bottle of All-Over Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, or Shea + Capuacu Lotion, select the “standard cap” option and your bottle will come with a flat, metal screw-cap, instead of a pump. When you receive your bottle, simply replace the cap with a clean, used pump and enjoy!

*Before recycling an empty bottle or jar, we challenge you to find a creative way to repurpose it!

A jar of Heart Rose Bathing Salts could store reusable cotton rounds…

A Balance atomizer could be used to mist houseplants with water…

A jar of Body Bliss could become a shower-friendly cup measure for diluting Apple + Herb Rebalancing Rinse

If you’ve repurposed an old jar or bottle, please send a picture to We’d love to see it and share it!

This “vintage” jar of Emollience Peptide recently returned to the studio for a refill...
Its been in (re)use for 10+ years!