about sweet sisters

We are fed by beauty in all its forms, and that’s why I love what I do and sharing it with you!

While there is some truth in the belief that the “need” for skin and hair products is a reflection of our fear of aging or personal insecurity as a response to marketing manipulation, I offer an alternative perspective.

Taking the time to nurture your skin and hair not only helps it look and feel its best, it gives you the opportunity to tune into your senses which brings you into the present moment, to your inner essence.

In this, self-care acts as a portal to connect us to our inner, expansive selves, and through this deeper connection to ourselves, we are able to connect more deeply with nature and each other. While this may seem an ambitious idea, I have come to know, in both a reasoned scientific way and through my inner sense, that plant-based ingredients, sensual textures and beauty-full natural scents and colors nourish us deeply, by bringing us into presence, one moment at a time. And if we allow ourselves to feel pleasure in the process, the gift is even greater!

I’m guessing that if you reading this, you are probably a kindred spirit who knows this, too!

skincare is selfcare

Loving self-care rituals can be as simple as taking a couple minutes to massage your face while cleansing, breathing in the beautiful aroma, feeling your skin, and connecting with the deep presence of truly “being” in your body. This quality of being is often missing in our fast-paced lives, and in uninspired and impersonal mass-produced products. We can be too busy to see the importance of nurturing self-care, or  too stressed to feel pleasure in our bodies. Thoughtfully crafted “luxuries” bridge that gap, inspiring presence into our daily routines by creating rituals that truly nourish. All of Sweet Sisters creations are born from this understanding.

We choose our ingredients carefully so that they offer your skin and hair the best care while nourishing your senses with luscious textures and beautiful scents from nature. When you wash your hair and smooth on your favorite cream, we want you to truly experience the moment…  to be in your body and feel cared for.

We hope to inspire loving self-care rituals and for you to have your best skin and hair possible!

The passion and joy I feel in creating, as well as my highest intentions for your health and well-being, really does flow from my hands and heart into the jar or bottle you take home. I love hearing that your skin or hair has transformed beautifully and how using our products has made a positive difference in your life. When you tell us that you love a certain serum or lotion, and experience this “je ne sais quoi,” it feels as if the circle is complete, and I am so grateful for this connection with you.

The seeds of Sweet Sisters began when I was very young… spending hours in the garden, following the instinctual call to anoint my body with mud and “magic potions” of flowers, roots and leaves.

The seeds of Sweet Sisters began when I was very young… spending hours in the garden, following the instinctual call to anoint my body with mud and “magic potions” of flowers, roots and leaves. I have always loved creating things and for as long as I can remember, have immersed myself in the study of aromatherapy and herbalism. But, as often happens in life, I instead pursued a degree and career in developmental psychology and teaching, and kept my potion-making as a lovely “hobby.” When my three children were little, though, I became a full-time homeschooling mom and had the time and freedom to learn to make all the products my family used. It was important that not only were they safe and nontoxic, but reflected the beauty of the plants and the love of the maker.

girls and their horses

When my daughters, Terra and Rohanna (the Sweet Sisters’ namesakes), were 8 and 11, they wanted to buy and train their own horses.

(Our family agreement was that we would match funds for their interests.) So, I taught them to make simple herbal products to sell at the Bayview Farmers Market on Whidbey Island, to earn money for their passion. They were true entrepreneurs and were able to buy their horses and equipment a couple of years later. The girls continued to vend at Bayview and Seattle markets for the next several years, and enjoyed many years of riding and caring for their Thoroughbreds, Suki and Aerial!

And… along the way, I found that creating luscious bodycare was definitely my calling… I am so grateful that my girls helped me find my avocation and bring me full circle back to my childhood “play.”

(We still call our studio “the playroom.”)

All my best for your health + wellbeing,  Karen