Love Letters

… from our customers who feel like friends

handcrafted small batch artisan skincare shampoo conditioner nontoxic cruelty free gluten free

“I am SO happy to have your product again- every time I use it I feel like I’ve had a mini trip to a spa…….ahhhhhhh”


“Thank you so much for your lovely products! Truly, your concoctions are my favorite. More than that, I am inspired by the model of an exceptionally well-run home business you present. I’m so glad you are continuing the cottage industry tradition on the island the way that you do.”


“I am delighted to say that people are almost always surprised to find out that I am 64. Much of the credit goes to you and your wonderful products, especially the Hydroxy Resurfacer and Emollience Peptide Cream. I have been enjoying these products for years now along with a couple drops of your “anti-gravity” DMAE + MSM Age Well Serum every morning. I apply this mixture to my face while it is still damp from the Rosewater Hydrating Mist. I love the purity of your products and your relentless pursuit of the best ingredients.”


“I have noticed a HUGE difference using your products, especially using them together. I don’t wear makeup any more. When I use your products, I don’t have any problem with enlarged pores or greasy skin, or dry papery patches or any of the other problems that go along with combination skin. When I use the Aloe Foaming Wash and Rose Jojoba Face cream, my skin is luscious, like a rose petal. I’m not kidding. It is truly amazing! The other natural products I’ve tried have either been too waxy, too greasy or with oils that don’t really absorb. Your products are the first that I would call perfect. I hope that you continue creating your products with the same integrity of ingredients and process that I’m experiencing right now. It’s fabulous and just perfect! ”


“I have been looking for “my” face cream for years.  I have tried most major brands from low-end to high-end, to no avail.  My skin is on the dry side, and most face creams are either too heavy or leave my skin eternally seeking more moisture.  I recently discovered Sweet Sisters’ Rose Jojoba Face Cream, and it is THE ONE!!  My skin has never been happier or healthier. The cream is beautifully wholesome (I recognize each ingredient by name!) and my skin literally feels nourished day and night.  Thank you Sweet Sisters for your amazing alchemy!”


“I’ve just made another order and I wanted to write you to share with you how much I truly love your products. I’ve really become a “Sweet Sisters.” It started with your skin care. I’m a fair skinned, freckle faced red-head with sensitive skin. I’ve tried many products and while some have been lovely, I have not had the beautiful results with any other as I have had with yours. My skin has benefited tremendously. I also use your shampoos, lotions and bath products and I am often asked what is that wonderful scent?! I tell everyone about you from here on this island to my friends far away. I want to thank you for your care, your kindness, your attention to your customers, and for the products themselves.  Blessings and gratitude.”


“I’ve been using your moisturizer and eye cream for more than a year. Wonderful products! They seem to kiss my skin and I love the way my skin looks. Thanks!”


“I am serious about my hair products, especially my conditioners. I tried the hair mask and I LOVED it. The conditioning lasted a long time and I will purchase it again. Thanks Karen, I love, love, love your products. I’m a customer for life!”


“My husband and I have been using Sweet Sisters products for a number of years and couldn’t be happier with their consistently fine products. We use only Sweet Sisters brand soaps, shampoo and lotions primarily because of their use of high quality healthy ingredients. We are especially pleased and satisfied with their “Restorative Cream” – a lovely, soothing and effective lotion – and their willingness to create an unscented version at our request. Other products we buy repeatedly are the bar soaps, Monoi de Tahiti Moisture Shampoo, and Nourishing Coconut Cream. An added bonus for us has been the pleasure of getting to know the sisters and watching them mature along with the business.”

Cindy and Jim

“Sweet Sisters’ naturally made roll-on deodorant is the only natural one that I ever tried that actually works — I tried every other brand, but they just didn’t work.  It is a great blessing to have this healthy alternative that not only works, but is fine with my clothes. I am grateful for all of the Sweet Sisters products but this one should be on every grocery shelf — and it’s the only “natural” deodorant on the market with ingredients that my doctor, who’s an M.D., homeopath, and organic nutrition specialist, approved for my use.  I highly recommend it.”


“My favorite product is the “Clear As Day Face and Bodywash.” I’ve been using it to wash my face for about three years. It’s such a pleasure to use a product that is both fresh and clean smelling. I love the gentle lather and the way my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwords… never dry. These products are all crafted with such care. I know that it is safe to put any of the skin products on my skin because there are no harsh chemicals being used only the most natural ingredients. Thank you Karen, Rohanna and Terra for creating such consistently reliable and beautiful products.  ”


“My husband and I love a good back scrub, and we used to spend over $35 for a very small tub of a scrub we liked from XXX cosmetics. Unfortunately, the quality of the scrub was inconsistent, and often we ended up with too much balm and not enough scrub. Your body polish is perfect! The consistency of it is wonderful, and we just LOVE the smell! So glad to see our local business folks turning out such high-quality products! Thanks so much, Sweet Sisters!”


I like to carry a lip balm with me. I have tried cheap and expensive, and I am here to report that your mineral sheer lipstick is actually the perfect combination of a pop of color and conditioner. I read a magazine article that said if you want to have a very natural color on your lips try to match the color of your bottom lip on the inside! I kid you not, and not an easy feat. However, for me, that was exactly what happened with your mineral sheer lipstick in POPPY. It looks bright until it is applied, and then it leaves this beautiful stain of color; sheer, and very natural. I use it on my cheeks as a blush, too. Very good value, too, as the product goes a long way, and I don’t know if it is the alkanet root, but it smells really good, but has no taste. Thank you sisters for such a sweet product!


I have been a huge fan of your products for many years! Thank you for making such high quality, eco-friendly products! I’m not sure who loves your stuff more, me, or my body!!!!!


Thanks for making the best clove soap I’ve ever used!


I found out about you all through a classmate. She would smell so familiar to me, I finally asked her why she smelled so fantastic and she said it was her conditioner. She told me about your website and after learning about all of you and your ingredients, I was sold. I am loving my new hair products! My hair has never been this soft right after a shampoo. My hair is that dry, some times straw like, texture. Whenever I wash it, it takes about a day or two to feel soft, but not with your products. I have been loving your products… thank you for providing healthful skin care products, I love them! I am hooked and am already spreading the word! Blessings!


Good morning, and the biggest THANK YOU for making such extraordinary products! Even the experience driving to your customer pick-up box to get my goods was a treat. Waiting for me amongst others, the sweetest little white adorned bags with dreamy, healthy products happily awaiting inside. Forgetting the importance of taking care of myself all too many times, this has been an over the top treat for me. My hair is so beautiful, feels so good and it hasn’t even been a week! And the little sampler of the moisture conditioner – i have been using it on my daughter’s hair every day. It has completely softened and shined her brittle locks. They spring more as well as glisten. I just wanted to say WOW, thank you so much for your EXTRAORDINARY work. And my skin, i haven’t even gotten to my skin… love my new healthy cream. Thank you. Excited to try more, just wonderful!


Absolutely brilliant!!!!! Loved the samples, too….I will be sure to order lots more in the future…Well done!!!


I have been talking about you (Sweet Sisters) many times recently, and meaning to write… we LOVE our new blue chamomile moisture shampoo + conditioner!  Not a smidgen of allergy, and our hair(s) are crazy full of volume (without being frizzy.)  YOU ROCK!


Thanks for providing bodycare products I can feel safe using that also have such fantastic benefits – Pure, Local & Effective – everything you could want in skincare!

I love your products and love sharing their benefits with my friends. My skin has never looked or felt better!!! Also, love the samples… can’t wait to try the moisture conditioner this morning… just love this stuff!!!


I received my order on Saturday!  I could not believe how quickly it got here-that was fantastic!  I was very impressed with the packaging, too. So many times my online orders come broken or not packaged appropriately.  I love the products and will be in touch with you again I am sure!  Thank you also for the free samples… an appreciated little surprise!


I received your products, and have been using all of them, and absolutely love them! I have been telling everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful products you make available to help us stay healthier!


The Geranium Shampoo and Conditioner are incredible! I have curly hair and it helps the curls form. My daughter is from Myanmar where they make their own plant shampoo in her village. She tried other shampoos before I suggested mine. She has finally found a shampoo that gives her the same wonderful feel as her native shampoo.


I feel that I need to nurture my body and your products have such a beautiful purity… and they are local! But, I would love to see Sweet Sisters be available all over the universe. Thanks so much!


I stumbled upon Sweet Sisters at your farmers market on Whidbey Island and boy, am I thrilled!!! I’ve snapped up quite a few skin care products, and I have seen quick results. I am a liscensed  skin care specialist and I’m impressed with the ingredients, and results! I’m thankful that you do online orders being that I’m from San Francisco. I’m addicted and excited to try more… I love the lemon souffle shea butter cream, the fruit enzyme brightening mist, the honey mask is to die for, the detox clay mask unclogged my pores!!! I could go on and on… I’m a huge fan!


Supreme Eye cream with actives: What a great find! This cream tackles every skincare concern–including preventive, hydrating, rejuvenating and firming. The combination of peptides and other wholesome ingredients are a winning combination. I am a medical student so long hours wreak havoc on my undereyes. So I keep this little jar in my pocket and reapply throughout the day– a little goes a long way and it wears well under and over my eye makeup. Will purchase again!


I have received my Balanced Rose Skin Care Ritual set and wanted you to know I am VERY pleased with it! I have been following the directions on your website and the mask and cleansing agents are fantastic! I have already received many compliments from my friends. Thank you for your products! Keep up your good work!


Being an esthetician, I have used many different products and have always been on the lookout for effective, natural, reasonably priced products for my clients.  Since finding Sweet Sisters two years ago, both my clients and I couldn’t be happier.  The quality and attention that Karen puts into every one of her products is unparalleled with any large company I’ve worked with.  The fact that she makes each batch herself and in small quantities means that I know every product will be fresh and therefore the active ingredients will be more potent and give better results.  No matter how much of these great products I keep in stock, I can’t keep them on my shelves.  I have never had clients so satisfied with one specific product line as I have this one.  Whatever their skin concern is, Sweet Sisters has a product to address it.  It also makes me happy to know that I am supporting someone’s small business just like those that support me.  Thank you Karen and Sweet Sisters for making it easy for this esthetician to assist people in achieving the beautiful skin they have always hoped for!


This is the best stuff I have found to date, and I am 41, lived in large cities like Miami FL, Nashville TN and Tampa FL, and never found anything as amazing as your products! Priced right, miracuously made. I’m hooked, don’t ever stop, dont change a thing, pass down the “recipes” so when you all retire the next generation can continue!


I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I LOVE your products!  So far I have tried the Hair Mask and Nourishing Hair Oil and they have completely changed my hair!!!  I usually have very dry hair and suffer from severe Eczema and your products have literally brought my hair back to life.  Thank you so much!


I discovered your product line when I was visiting Whidbey Island at a farmer’s market. I bought some of your skin care and loved it! I gave some away to my sister (the beauty/skincare buff in my family) and she raves about your products!


My mom and I are thankful for your products… we’ve been using them for four years!!!! We both have very sensitive skin and your products are the only ones out there that have worked for us. Trust is a huge factor as well and we know you stay true to your affirmations and values!

Thank YOU Karen! I so appreciate your delightful products and the personal service that it comes with. I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for the special little samples that are such a treat to receive and try, so I’m saying “thank you” now. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you at the very beginning of my introduction to your products, along with personal recommendations. I’m very happy to purchase and support a “small” personal business.
I totally agree with your take on the way to enjoy the holidays. I LOVE simple pleasures! Your products are a part of that.

About three years ago, I decided to stop putting chemical colorants on my hair and go naturally grey. I knew that this might change the texture, etc. of my hair, and wanted to start off right with the best, natural hair care products I could find. Lucky for me, I got a referral from Jessika Le Corre of Feather Eagle Sky, who highly recommends Sweet Sisters Bodycare! Since then, I have used nothing but their luxurious, handmade hair care products. What a difference it has made in my hair! I constantly get compliments on how healthy it looks. It is a pleasure every time I shower to use their fragrant shampoos and conditioners. Every few weeks, I use their Deep Conditioning Mask, sitting in the sauna or in the sun to let it bake in and make my hair like silk! Before I blow dry, I use the Vitamin + Protein Mist, and finish with the hair gel. And, of course, their customer service is amazing. I cannot recommend their products enough!


Generally, if I use any products that aren’t truly natural, I break out in a rash all over, and most of the products you find at Whole Foods and other stores aren’t REALLY natural. So I’ve been looking online for a while trying to find something like you guys, and most companies seem to talk the talk, but don’t always walk the walk! The shampoos end up stripping my hair and the lotions always leaving me feeling too oily and nothing ever quite satisfied me. BUT when I found Sweet Sisters, everything changed! 🙂 I feel so much more hydrated and my hair feels softer and less frizzy, it’s really incredible! I’ve also been fighting some crazy acne that the Face Wash has helped A LOT with. Everything is just great, and it all smells really wonderful (a lot of the natural things I’ve come across end up smelling real funky haha). But yes, please keep doing what you’re doing, it really has made a difference for me and I truly appreciate that you all commit to making your products the right way. You have a long time customer 🙂


“Your products are divine..went to bed Smelling of palo santo ..heavenly.. Will be your best customer for that lovely brew…xxx”

from the farmer’s market

On Saturday my husband, toddler and friends went on a tour of Whidbey Island. During our trip we stopped off at the farmers market. As we were enjoying the booths I came across yours. I have been on a journey over the past few years to clean up my make up and skin care routine and one of the first products to go my beloved antiperspirant. Let’s just say that my body is great a regulating temperature. Anyways, as I was perusing the items I asked about sun lotion and then finally deodorant. I have been on a years long quest for the end all be all of deodorants. I currently have 4 (including yours) in my bathroom. I have been dissatisfied by the others but yet remained hopeful that yours would be it. I did have sticker shock at the $15 price tag for the deodorant but decided to try it.  And I am so happy to report that it works. It absolutely works. I have been using it since Sunday and it has held up in the heat chasing after my toddler! I am so impressed with this product that i sent your website to two of my friends who also follow cleaner skin care routines. I just want to send you my appreciation as I have tried so many products and brands over the years, this truly is a game changer for me. I plan on being a life long customer! And I cannot wait to try more of your products.

(I’m also happy to report that I am not sensitive to the baking soda. 🙂


‘Please DON’T CHANGE A THING! The Nettle Deep Conditioning Mask is perfect for my curly hair, adding a bit of definition, shine, and I love the way it feels on my hair. I’ve NEVER loved a product so much!’


I had to write to tell you how in love I am with your monoi coconut shampoo and conditioner.  Not only do they condition so beautifully, and not only is the quality so divine and pure…but the smell. Oh my…I could wax rapturous for hours over the scent. It really brings so much pleasure to my little daughter and myself.

I’ve used some very very pricey lines in the past.  I’ve tried everything.  So when I say something is EXCEPTIONAL (and I’m sorry for not sounding humble here)…  I really do know.  I’ve tried everything and Sweet Sisters is magic!