anti-aging, ageism + a loving perspective

I feel deep sadness when I see the term “anti-aging” used to pressure us to be different than we are, feel less than we are, and buy something to escape from this fear of unworthiness… I make a point to wave this negativity away with the blessing that we are enough, and that our skin is just telling us the story of our lives. When did it happen that getting old and looking old is wrong?

Wrinkles are the story-telling of our lives.

Wrinkles show the way we’ve lived our lives. Our laughter, tears, grief, joy, bad habits and good, shows on our faces. It’s the physical evidence of the ways in which we’ve responded to life… the ways we’ve been moved and touched.

And this is beautiful.

At the same time, we honor ourselves and our lives when we behave in ways that promote health in our bodies, mind and spirit… and this, too, shows on our faces, wrinkles or not. Looking old and looking as if you don’t care about yourself are very different.

I like to call this practice of caring for ourselves “graceful aging.” While we cannot control the hardships and challenges we face, we can choose to accept what is and make choices from this place of acceptance. We can choose how we take care of ourselves. And when we realize that we aren’t being kind to ourselves.. too much stress, too little sleep, not the best food choices, not the best relationship choices, using unhealthy personal care products, focusing on our “flaws,” forgetting to drink enough water… we can always remember, again and again.

So, blessings on our wrinkles AND remembering to step forward into loving self care!

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